Original Diamond Shape

Diamond princess , is a form of fancy shaped the most popular. With a shape like a square, the closer to the square shape, the more expensive it will be. The four corners of this princess diamond are very fragile, so a princess- shaped diamond must be attached with a prong that can protect the four corners. The princess’s fire and diamond brilliance approached the round diamond among other square shapes.

Oval diamonds , have fire and brilliance like round diamonds. It is recommended for those of you who want a diamond shape that is a little different and unique. The slightly elongated shape also shows the illusion as if the diamond looks bigger even though it has the same carat weight . Gives the wearer the impression of long and slender fingers.

Diamond marquise , named after the Marquise de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV of France. This diamond has an elongated cut with swollen sides so that it looks bigger like an oval diamond. With a pointed tip at risk of breaking easily.

Cushion diamond , square shaped with rounded corners like a pillow. Emerald diamonds , have an elongated surface that is uniquely open and can produce a mirror room-like effect. Asscher diamond , similar to emerald diamond but has more brilliane . Radiant diamond , square shaped with cut corners to form a faceted pattern that makes it look bright, or it is also called a cushion and princess combination . Diamond heart, has a shape like a heart, so it is very beautiful when used as an expression of love.


  • The shape of round diamonds ( Round ) is a diamond among the most preferred, because it has the impression of simple and easily paired with color and clarity anything .
  • Buying diamonds in the Fifth Bloom, we will try to give a diamond “eyes clean” or clear the visible although the value of clarity purchased low
  • If usually the color and clarity of the stones do not really affect the beauty, this is different from the fancy shaped diamonds for Asscher and Emerald . When you want to buy an asscher and emerald diamond , make sure you don’t choose clarity under VVS2 and a color below H or G. This is because both diamonds accentuate the mirror space effect, so the yellow color and blemishes in the stone will be visible from above .

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