How to Make a Bracelet from a Used Pearl Necklace

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Materials needed:

– The string

– Pearl

– Satin ribbon, color according to taste

– Sewing thread

How to make a bracelet:

1. Measure your wrist and add 2/3 cm of the strings for finishing.

2. Cut the ribbon, making sure it doesn’t fit the wrist, as it will tie it into a ribbon.

3. Pin the strings to the needle, then start by tying a knot at the beginning 3/4 of the ribbon.

4. Pin pearls to the string.

5. Then finish with a fold so that the pearl is wrapped in ribbon.

6. Follow the strip, until all the pearls have been pinned to the ribbon.

7. After all the pearls have been pinned, knot off the last pearl.

8. Make sure the pearls are knotted on both sides so that the pearls do not come off easily.

9. To be stronger, the strings must be burned using fire.…

Choosing the Right Wedding Ring

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Determine the Size of Your Ring and Your Partner

Wedding rings for women and men come in a variety of sizes and ensuring the right size and comfort is very important. Determining the size of your ring is not complicated, really. 

Online wedding ring sellers must provide a size guide on their website. You can use paper or string and wrap it around your finger. Don’t wrap it too tightly, and mark where the edges of the paper meet to find the size of your ring.

Your finger size will vary throughout the day, so midday is the best time to measure it. Also, avoid strenuous activities (which can make fingers swell) and salty foods.

Select Metal Wedding Ring

There are many choices of wedding ring metals that you can choose from, but the most common are gold, platinum, palladium and silver. The four of them have their own characteristics that can be tailored to your needs or tastes.

Platinum is the most expensive metal, but its luster, durability and strength are superior to others. Platinum is perfect for you and your partner whose daily activities are more active.

14K or 18K gold is actually good enough for a wedding ring. This metal is quite affordable and …